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Nakuru, Kenya

Opening day of the Nakuru, Kenya crusade was amazing, many responded to the call to the Savior. Testimonies of healing were heard through the night of those who were healed during the ministry of God’s Word. The first was a young Muslim man who was healed of a heart condition, upon experiencing that miracle he said I want to know how to give my life to Jesus, and was one of the first to be saved. A man with chest pain and blind in one eye testified to healing. A young woman unable to stand from a nerve disease was healed and walked, another young lady deaf and mute, known to hundreds in the crowd demonstrated that she could now hear and began to speak simple syllable words. PLEASE notice the many photos of the wonderful team members from the USA who joined me in this trip and have taken a powerful active roll in ministering to the people, both in the laying on of hands, and feeding the hungry, and street ministry with our Gospel truck. Pastors Clarence Crane and Clayton Sheridan ministered in healing and teaching the hundreds of leaders and pastors in our daytime pastor's school. We were especially honored to have a dentist and medical doctor join us and provide free dental and medical clinics during our day sessions. In so many ways God is using his people to touch the many of Nakuru, Kenya. We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday ahead of us. Please pray with us for greater in Jesus Name. To God be the glory.

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