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A Ministry Where Miracles Still Happen

1971 Dale Everett started preaching, and spent the next 22 years as a full-time evangelist. The Holy Ghost moved mightily in the services which always lasted multiple weeks, sometimes even as many as 10 weeks at a time. As Dale declared the gospel, Jesus was always faithful to accompany His word with signs following. The services were marked with mass healings— blind eyes were opened; the deaf heard and wheelchairs were emptied. Many were baptized in the Holy Ghost as well.  

In 1993 Dale began pastoring full-time and traveling part time.  As a pastor, Dale has continued to see the miraculous demonstrated in the Sunday services, just as in evangelistic services.  Dale still ministers throughout the U.S., and in international crusades in addition to pastoring.

Debbie and Dale got married in 1981, and have been serving in ministry together since. God has blessed them with a son, Tyler, and a lovely daughter, Ashlee. Both of the children are also involved in ministry. Debbie Everett functions as a minister of worship and has a true passion after the heart of God.

In 2003 the Everetts planted a church in Tyler, TX area on the property of R.W. Schambach.  This is a strong full gospel church where God's power is experienced.  

Dale's broad experience as an international evangelist, senior pastor, and church planter gives him a balanced perspective as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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