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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We just finished a powerful crusade in Cancun, Mexico with thousands attending each night.  More than 260 pastors and leaders came along side of us to help retain the harvest of souls.  It was reported than more than 1,500 prayed unto repentance in the evening crusades, and at least 1,200 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Great testimonies of divine healing were heard.  A teen who was deaf mute, a man with brace from a car accident, a woman with a huge visible tumor and another who had been wheelchair confined for 5 years all testified to God's healing touch.  Many more as well had evidence of God's healing power.

We are now laying the ground work for three more Mexican Crusade Events, the next will take place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Playa del Carmen is ripe for a move of God and a great harvest of souls.  It's time to bring the gospel with miraculous signs following.  That's our plan for this soon to come Mexico event.

What does this cost?

Cost is measured in many ways.  The time away from the U.S.A, the investment in intercession as well as finances, all that is involved to make a lasting spiritual impact on an area.  Financially this crusade will cost about $26,000.  $12,500 for the stage, lights, sound and tech people to set it up, run it, and stay on the grounds 24 hours a day to protect it.  Then there is the cost of promotional material, such as banners, handbills, radio and internet advertisement.  Pre-crusade work must me covered to such as, flights to meet with the pastors and leaders at an information breakfast and building a strategy to retain the souls that will come to Christ in the actual crusade.  Of course there is the cost of what it takes for us to personally go, the actual flights, hotel, food cost for us to come a conduct the event, and much more.  All this is carefully planned and prepared for in advance.  Please help us in this, both by prayer and clicking the link button below and giving to make this happen.  Your gift, large or small, will make a difference in bring the gospel to many!

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