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AUGUST 12-19, 2024

At Dale Everett Ministries, our mission is simple yet profound - we exist to see people around the world get saved, healed, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe that every person deserves to hear the Gospel preached to them and experience God's love in their lives. Through our various outreach programs, we aim to provide spiritual guidance, comfort, and support to those who need it the most. Let us help you find your way back to God.

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We believe that everyone deserves to have a transformative encounter with God. Our goal is to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them take their first steps towards a life of faith. Our mission is not just to create converts, but to ensure that new believers continue to grow and flourish in their newfound relationship with Christ. Through our partnerships with local churches, we provide ongoing support and resources to help believers stay connected and grounded in their faith.


We believe in declaring and demonstrating the Word of God to people all around the world. We understand the importance of an authentic encounter with God for people to experience new levels of faith. Every year, we witness thousands of supernatural miracles, which includes healings, deliverance, and supernatural encounters with God. 



Our missions are the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and grow in your faith. We provide on-site training and direction, equipping you with the necessary tools to make a lasting impact in the world. With years of experience and a passion for God, we travel to different parts of the world each year, working with communities and individuals to bring hope and healing. Join us on our next crusade and experience the power of God firsthand.

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