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Mbeya, Tanzania  | TBD

Mbeya, Tanzania is a region in Tanzania that is south of Dar es Salaam about 5 hours.  The area is strong Muslim and a large portion beyond that which is non-christian.  God has given us a strong open door to do a powerful open air crusade in addition to a pastors / leaders school.  We believe that if we can change the leaders we can change the nation.  A large group of local pastors and churches are coming together with us to provide the basis for retaining the harvest.  Literally thousand will hear the gospel and witness the signs that will follow the ministry of God's Word.  We are bring anointing musicians and singers, strong altar workers and those who know how to minister deliverance.  Pray with us, and partner with us for a huge harvest of souls in this first of three African crusades this year.

Cost Of This Event

Many people ask, "what does it take to put on a crusade like this?"  There are many factors.  First is the call of God to reach the community, we definitely have that, with consistent fruit to prove it.  Another is the price paid in the prayer room.  Many of you understand that whatever is not done in prayer will not be done in public.  Of course, an obvious part is in finances.  This specific crusade will cost $27,000.00. total.  A huge part is airfare to get myself my local African team into that city.  We must rent a couple of rugged vehicles to carry us hours beyond the final airport.  We will bring in a large stage, lights, sound and personal to run the sound and a very large generator to provide electricity.   We often have to clear or prepare the land and set up the specialized tents for the ministry of deliverance.  There is the cost of feeding and providing for the local pastors and leaders who will be on the property both for the leadership training and also for the follow-up of the new converts.  Radio, printed promo, and banners all must be covered too.   

You can help us today in these ways.  Pray, it always makes a difference.  Come, we need workers that can help us touch and teach the people.  Give. You best gift will make a clear difference in assisting us in this event.  You can give a one time gift, or become a monthly partner, and the seed you sow will bring an eternal harvest.  Do something today for eternity.

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Romans 10:14-15

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